Commit 90adcf20 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(message): Use message2, not message1.

(display_string): Fix truncation-criterion after main loop
for termination due to LENGTH.

(echo_area_glyphs_length): New variable.
(message1): Set it.
(message2): New function.
(display_string): New arg LENGTH.
(echo_area_display): Pass new arg to display_string.
(redisplay_window): Likewise.
(display_text_line): Likewise.
(display_menu_bar): Likewise.
(display_mode_element): Likewise.

(update_menu_bar, update_menu_bars): New functions.
(prepare_menu_bars): New function.
(redisplay_window): Don't update menu bar here.
(display_menu_bar): Assume item list already updated.

(redisplay_window): Don't alter lpoint when w is
selected window in a non-selected frame.
parent f58534a3
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