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......@@ -1966,6 +1966,21 @@ run most curses applications now.
** M-x diff uses Diff mode instead of Compilation mode.
** Diff mode key bindings changed.
These are the new bindings:
C-c C-e diff-ediff-patch (old M-A)
C-c C-n diff-restrict-view (old M-r)
C-c C-r diff-reverse-direction (old M-R)
C-c C-u diff-context->unified (old M-U)
C-c C-w diff-refine-hunk (old C-c C-r)
To convert unified to context format, use C-u C-c C-u.
In addition, C-c C-u now operates on the region
in Transient Mark mode when the mark is active.
** You can now customize `fill-nobreak-predicate' to control where
filling can break lines. The value is now normally a list of
......@@ -5893,6 +5908,8 @@ Currently, the following actions have been defined:
- Mouse-2 on the read-only or modified status in the mode line (`%' or
`*') toggles the status.
- Mouse-3 on the major mode name displays a major mode menu.
- Mouse-3 on the mode name displays a minor-mode menu.
** Hourglass pointer
2006-05-01 Richard Stallman <>
* diff-mode.el (diff-mode-shared-map): Don't bind M-W, M-U, M-C,
M-r, M-R, M-A, M-SPC or M-DEL.
(diff-mode-map): diff-refine-hunk now on C-c C-w
(diff-mode-map): Bind C-c C-e, C-c C-n, C-c C-r, C-c C-u.
* help-mode.el (help-mode): view-exit-action calls delete-window
only when it is safe and possible.
2006-05-01 Richard Stallman <>
* emacs.texi (Top): Add Diff Mode to menu.
2006-05-01 Aaron S. Hawley <>
* misc.texi (Diff Mode): New node.
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