Commit 90ca3a46 authored by Deepak Goel's avatar Deepak Goel
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m-v corrections.

parent 3c2fbb99
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ italicised, in all other cases it is left unchanged."
(defun org-bbdb-anniv-extract-date (time-str)
"Convert YYYY-MM-DD to (month date year).
Argument TIME-STR is the value retrieved from BBDB."
(multiple-value-bind (y m d) (bbdb-split time-str "-")
(multiple-value-bind (y m d) (values-list (bbdb-split time-str "-"))
(list (string-to-number m)
(string-to-number d)
(string-to-number y))))
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ The anniversaries are assumed to be stored `org-bbdb-anniversary-field'."
(while annivs
(setq split (org-bbdb-anniv-split (pop annivs)))
(multiple-value-bind (m d y)
(funcall org-bbdb-extract-date-fun (car split))
(values-list (funcall org-bbdb-extract-date-fun (car split)))
(setq tmp (gethash (list m d) org-bbdb-anniv-hash))
(puthash (list m d) (cons (list y
(bbdb-record-name rec)
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