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(eshell-convert-numeric-arguments): Annotated the documentation string

to tell users about `eshell-no-numeric-conversions'.
parent 3cb27fd7
......@@ -84,7 +84,18 @@ Setting this to nil is offered as an aid to debugging only."
(defcustom eshell-convert-numeric-arguments t
"*If non-nil, converting arguments of numeric form to Lisp numbers.
Numeric form is tested using the regular expression
NOTE: If you find that numeric conversions are intefering with the
specification of filenames (for example, in calling `find-file', or
some other Lisp function that deals with files, not numbers), add the
following in your .emacs file:
(put 'find-file 'eshell-no-numeric-conversions t)
Any function with the property `eshell-no-numeric-conversions' set to
a non-nil value, will be passed strings, not numbers, even when an
argument matches `eshell-number-regexp'."
:type 'boolean
:group 'eshell-util)
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