Commit 90e4b32d authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Acknowledgments): Use @dotless{i}.

parent 5bff93c5
......@@ -1041,7 +1041,7 @@ Hans Henrik Eriksen, Michael Ernst, Ata Etemadi, Frederick Farnbach,
Oscar Figueiredo, Fred Fish, Karl Fogel, Gary Foster, Romain
Francoise, Noah Friedman, Andreas Fuchs, Hallvard Furuseth, Keith
Gabryelski, Peter S.@: Galbraith, Kevin Gallagher, Kevin Gallo, Juan
Le@'{o}n Lahoz Garc@'{i}a, Howard Gayle, Stephen Gildea, Julien
Le@'{o}n Lahoz Garc@'{@dotless{i}}a, Howard Gayle, Stephen Gildea, Julien
Gilles, David Gillespie, Bob Glickstein, Deepak Goel, Boris Goldowsky,
Michelangelo Grigni, Odd Gripenstam, Kai Gro@ss{}johann, Michael
Gschwind, Henry Guillaume, Doug Gwyn, Ken'ichi Handa, Lars Hansen,
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