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; Spelling fixes

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......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ Search command can now perform character folding in matches. This is
analogous to case folding, but instead of disregarding case variants,
it disregards wider classes of distinctions between similar
characters, such as matching different variants of double quote
characters, ignoring diacriticals, etc.
characters, ignoring diacritics, etc.
@cindex eww
......@@ -989,13 +989,13 @@ occurrence of the failure. So far, the failure has been observed with
GTK+ versions 3.4.2, 3.14.5 and 3.18.7. However, another 3.4.2 build
does not exhibit the bug.
Some window managers (xfce) apparently work around this failure by
Some window managers (Xfce) apparently work around this failure by
cropping the menu bar. With other windows managers, it's possible to
shrink the frame manually after the problem occurs, e.g. by dragging the
frame's border with the mouse. However, some window managers have been
reported to refuse such attempts and snap back to the width needed to
show the full menu bar (wmii) or at least cause the screen to flicker
during such resizing attempts (i3, icewm).
during such resizing attempts (i3, IceWM).
See also,,
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