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(Key Lookup): Clarify wrt commands vs other functions.

(Changing Key Bindings): Clarify when remapping is better than
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......@@ -933,8 +933,10 @@ is a keymap, and is treated as a keymap (see above).
@cindex @code{lambda} in keymap
If the @sc{car} of @var{list} is @code{lambda}, then the list is a
lambda expression. This is presumed to be a command, and is treated as
such (see above).
lambda expression. This is presumed to be a function, and is treated
as such (see above). In order to execute properly as a key binding,
this function must be a command---it must have an @code{interactive}
specification. @xref{Defining Commands}.
If the @sc{car} of @var{list} is a keymap and the @sc{cdr} is an event
......@@ -1282,9 +1284,9 @@ default global map.
The function @code{substitute-key-definition} scans a keymap for
keys that have a certain binding and rebinds them with a different
binding. Another feature you can use for similar effects, but which
is often cleaner, is to add a binding that remaps a command
(@pxref{Remapping Commands}).
binding. Another feature which is cleaner and can often produce the
same results to remap one command into another (@pxref{Remapping
@defun substitute-key-definition olddef newdef keymap &optional oldmap
@cindex replace bindings
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