Commit 91106113 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Button Properties): Add follow-link keyword.

parent 10907497
......@@ -4064,6 +4064,10 @@ usually specified using the @code{:type} keyword argument.
A string displayed by the Emacs tool-tip help system; by default,
@code{"mouse-2, RET: Push this button"}.
@item follow-link
@kindex follow-link @r{(button property)}
The follow-link property, defining how a @key{mouse-1} click behaves
on this button, @xref{Enabling Mouse-1 to Follow Links}.
@item button
@kindex button @r{(button property)}
All buttons have a non-@code{nil} @code{button} property, which may be useful
......@@ -4755,7 +4759,7 @@ display by sending @var{string} to the terminal.
screen) to attract the user's attention. Be conservative about how
often you do this; frequent bells can become irritating. Also be
careful not to use just beeping when signaling an error is more
appropriate. (@xref{Errors}.)
appropriate. (@pxref{Errors}.)
@defun ding &optional do-not-terminate
@cindex keyboard macro termination
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