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parent 9549c46d
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......@@ -20,12 +20,15 @@
#ifndef __REGEXP_LIBRARY_H__
#define __REGEXP_LIBRARY_H__
/* POSIX says that <sys/types.h> must be included (by the caller) before
<regex.h>. */
#ifdef VMS
/* POSIX says that size_t should be in stddef.h. */
/* VMS doesn't have `size_t' in <sys/types.h>, even though POSIX says it
should be there. */
#include <stddef.h>
/* POSIX says that <sys/types.h> must be included before <regex.h>. */
/* The following bits are used to determine the regexp syntax we
recognize. The set/not-set meanings are chosen so that Emacs syntax
......@@ -162,6 +165,9 @@ extern reg_syntax_t re_syntax_options;
/* P1003.2/D11.2, section, lines 5078ff. */
/* Syntax bits common to both basic and extended POSIX regex syntax. */
......@@ -316,12 +322,12 @@ struct re_pattern_buffer
#define REGS_FIXED 2
unsigned regs_allocated : 2;
/* Set to zero when regex_compile compiles a pattern; set to one
by re_compile_fastmap when it updates the fastmap, if any. */
/* Set to zero when `regex_compile' compiles a pattern; set to one
by `re_compile_fastmap' if it updates the fastmap. */
unsigned fastmap_accurate : 1;
/* If set, regexec reports only success or failure and does not
return anything in pmatch. */
/* If set, `re_match_2' does not return information about
subexpressions. */
unsigned no_sub : 1;
/* If set, a beginning-of-line anchor doesn't match at the
......@@ -383,17 +389,17 @@ typedef struct
unfortunately clutters up the declarations a bit, but I think it's
worth it.
We also have to undo `const' if we are not ANSI and if it hasn't
previously being taken care of. */
We may also have to undo `const' if we are not ANSI -- but if it has
already been defined, as by Autoconf's AC_CONST, don't do anything. */
#if __STDC__
#define _RE_ARGS(args) args
#else /* not __STDC__ */
#define _RE_ARGS(args) ()
#ifndef const
#if !const && !HAVE_CONST
#define const
#endif /* not __STDC__ */
/* Sets the current default syntax to SYNTAX, and return the old syntax.
You can also simply assign to the `re_syntax_options' variable. */
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