Commit 9115e938 authored by Noah Friedman's avatar Noah Friedman

(find-backup-file-name): delete nothing if overflow in number of files to keep.

parent 7987a169
......@@ -1141,7 +1141,10 @@ Value is a list whose car is the name for the backup file
(if (not deserve-versions-p)
(list (make-backup-file-name fn))
(cons (concat fn ".~" (int-to-string (1+ high-water-mark)) "~")
(if (> number-to-delete 0)
(if (and (> number-to-delete 0)
;; Delete nothing if there is overflow
;; in the number of versions to keep.
(>= (+ kept-new-versions kept-old-versions -1) 0))
(mapcar (function (lambda (n)
(concat fn ".~" (int-to-string n) "~")))
(let ((v (nthcdr kept-old-versions versions)))
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