Commit 91554659 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* leim/quail/latin-ltx.el: Add greek superscripts.

parent 1a601680
2013-02-08 Stefan Monnier <>
* quail/latin-ltx.el: Add greek superscripts.
2012-12-04 Stefan Monnier <>
* quail/latin-ltx.el: Avoid deprecated chars for \langle and \rangle.
......@@ -248,14 +248,18 @@ system, including many technical ones. Examples:
(string (if (match-end 2) ?^ ?_) basechar))))
"\\(.*\\)SU\\(?:B\\|\\(PER\\)\\)SCRIPT \\(.*\\)")
("^\\gamma" ?ˠ)
((lambda (name char)
(let* ((base (format "LATIN %s LETTER %s"
(match-string 1 name) (match-string 2 name)))
(basechar (cdr (assoc base (ucs-names)))))
(when (latin-ltx--ascii-p basechar)
(string ?^ basechar))))
(let* ((basename (match-string 2 name))
(lbase (format "LATIN %s LETTER %s"
(match-string 1 name) basename))
(gbase (format "GREEK %s LETTER %s"
(match-string 1 name) basename))
((assoc gbase (ucs-names)) (concat "^\\" (downcase basename)))
((latin-ltx--ascii-p (setq tmp (cdr (assoc lbase (ucs-names)))))
(string ?^ tmp))
(t (message "Unknown modifier letter %s" basename)))))
;; ((lambda (name char) (format "^%s" (downcase (match-string 1 name))))
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