Commit 91a802b0 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(quail-get-current-str): Translate last raw character

for deterministic input methods.
parent 887ec6f1
......@@ -1598,13 +1598,21 @@ Quail map for the sequence."
(or (and (consp def) (aref (cdr def) (car (car def))))
(and (> len 1)
(let ((str (quail-get-current-str
(let* ((str (quail-get-current-str
(1- len)
(quail-map-definition (quail-lookup-key
quail-current-key (1- len))))))
quail-current-key (1- len)))))
(substr1 (substring quail-current-key (1- len) len))
(str1 (and (quail-deterministic)
(quail-map-definition (quail-lookup-key
substr1 1))))))
(if str
(concat (if (stringp str) str (char-to-string str))
(substring quail-current-key (1- len) len)))))))
(if str1
(if (stringp str1) str1 (char-to-string str1))
(defvar quail-guidance-translations-starting-column 20)
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