Commit 91bee881 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(coding_save_composition): Be sure to allocate

composition data area in coding even if there's no composition in
the current run.
parent 0ba93ac4
......@@ -4380,7 +4380,10 @@ coding_save_composition (coding, from, to, obj)
Lisp_Object prop;
int start, end;
coding->composing = COMPOSITION_DISABLED;
if (coding->composing == COMPOSITION_DISABLED)
if (!coding->cmp_data)
coding_allocate_composition_data (coding, from);
if (!find_composition (from, to, &start, &end, &prop, obj)
|| end > to)
......@@ -4389,7 +4392,6 @@ coding_save_composition (coding, from, to, obj)
|| end > to))
coding->composing = COMPOSITION_NO;
coding_allocate_composition_data (coding, from);
if (COMPOSITION_VALID_P (start, end, prop))
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