Commit 91dc12bb authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* minibuf.c (read_minibuf): Don't bother to save the current

	frame's focus, and have read_minibuf_unwind restore it; saving and
	restoring the window configurations will take care of that.
	(read_minibuf_unwind): Don't worry about restoring the frame's focus.
parent 7b1d5b85
......@@ -162,26 +162,11 @@ read_minibuf (map, initial, prompt, backup_n, expflag, histvar, histpos)
val = current_buffer->directory;
Fset_buffer (get_minibuffer (minibuf_level));
current_buffer->directory = val;
Fredirect_frame_focus (Fselected_frame (), mini_frame);
Fmake_local_variable (Qprint_escape_newlines);
print_escape_newlines = 1;
/* If the minibuffer window is on another frame, shift this frame's
focus to that window, and arrange to put it back later. */
if (XFRAME (WINDOW_FRAME (XWINDOW (minibuf_window)))
!= selected_frame)
record_unwind_protect (read_minibuf_unwind,
Fcons (Fselected_frame (),
FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME (selected_frame)));
Fredirect_frame_focus (Fselected_frame (), mini_frame);
record_unwind_protect (read_minibuf_unwind, Qnil);
record_unwind_protect (read_minibuf_unwind, Qnil);
Vminibuf_scroll_window = selected_window;
Fset_window_buffer (minibuf_window, Fcurrent_buffer ());
......@@ -311,12 +296,6 @@ read_minibuf_unwind (data)
= minibuf_save_vector[minibuf_level].history_position;
= minibuf_save_vector[minibuf_level].history_variable;
/* Redirect the focus of the frame that called the minibuffer. */
if (CONSP (data))
Fredirect_frame_focus (XCONS (data)->car, XCONS (data)->cdr);
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