Commit 9200c926 authored by Romain Francoise's avatar Romain Francoise
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(bootstrap-clean): New target.

parent ccc54d96
2006-11-04 Romain Francoise <>
* (bootstrap-clean): New target.
2006-10-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* (install): Be sure to make ${INSTALLDIR} before `cd'
......@@ -255,6 +255,12 @@ clean mostlyclean:
rm -f ${TIT-MISC} ${TIT-MISC:.elc=.el} \
leim-list.el changed.tit changed.misc
# The following target is needed because the `clean' target only removes
# TIT-generated files and doesn't touch compiled Quail packages. But
# bootstrapping should not leave non-fresh .elc files behind.
bootstrap-clean: clean
rm -f ${WORLD}
distclean: clean
if test -f stamp-subdir; then rm -rf ${SUBDIRS} stamp-subdir; fi
rm -f Makefile
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