Commit 92219924 authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts

(gdb-speedbar-refresh): Quieten speedbar-refresh.

parent f4eb2268
......@@ -71,17 +71,17 @@
;;; Known Bugs:
;; 1) Strings that are watched don't update in the speedbar when their
;; contents change.
;; contents change unless the first character changes.
;; 2) Cannot handle multiple debug sessions.
;; 3) Initially, the assembler buffer does not display the cursor at the
;; current line if the line is not visible in the window (but when testing
;; gdb-assembler-custom with a lisp debugger it does!).
;;; Problems with watch expressions:
;;; Problems with watch expressions, GDB/MI:
;; 1) They go out of scope when the inferior is re-run.
;; 2) -var-update reports that an out of scope variable has changed:
;; changelist=[{name="var1",in_scope="false"}], but the value can't be accessed.
;; (-var-list-children, in contrast allows you to create variable objects of
;; the children when they are out of scope and get their values).
;; 3) VARNUM increments even when vaiable object is not created (maybe trivial).
;; 2) -stack-list-locals has a type field but also prints type in values field.
;; 3) VARNUM increments even when vairable object is not created (maybe trivial).
;;; TODO:
......@@ -758,7 +758,9 @@ type=\"\\(.*?\\)\"")
(setq gdb-pending-triggers
(delq 'gdb-speedbar-refresh gdb-pending-triggers))
(with-current-buffer gud-comint-buffer
(let ((speedbar-verbosity-level 0))
(defun gdb-var-delete ()
"Delete watch expression at point from the speedbar."
......@@ -1251,7 +1253,8 @@ sink to `user' in `gdb-stopping', that is fine."
"An annotation handler for `post-prompt'.
This begins the collection of output from the current command if that
happens to be appropriate."
;; Don't add to queue if there outstanding items or GDB is not known yet.
;; Don't add to queue if there outstanding items or gdb-version is not known
;; yet.
(unless (or gdb-pending-triggers gdb-first-post-prompt)
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