Commit 9242810c authored by Dmitry Antipov's avatar Dmitry Antipov
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* Check whether sys/sysinfo.h provides

Linux 'sysinfo' function and 'struct sysinfo' type.
* src/alloc.c (Fmemory_info): New function.
* lisp/files.el (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): New function.
(find-file-noselect): Use it.
parent 80fb41cd
2014-07-10 Dmitry Antipov <>
* Check whether sys/sysinfo.h provides
Linux 'sysinfo' function and 'struct sysinfo' type.
2014-06-28 Glenn Morris <>
* (lwlib_deps_frag, oldxmenu_deps_frag): New output files.
......@@ -1510,6 +1510,7 @@ fi
dnl checks for header files
coff.h pty.h
sys/utsname.h pwd.h utmp.h util.h)
......@@ -1525,6 +1526,21 @@ if test $emacs_cv_personality_linux32 = yes; then
[Define to 1 if personality LINUX32 can be set.])
if test "$ac_cv_header_sys_sysinfo_h" = yes; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING([if Linux sysinfo may be used])
AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[#include <sys/sysinfo.h>]],
[[struct sysinfo si; sysinfo (&si)]])],
emacs_cv_linux_sysinfo=yes, emacs_cv_linux_sysinfo=no)
if test $emacs_cv_linux_sysinfo = yes; then
AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LINUX_SYSINFO], 1, [Define to 1 if you have Linux sysinfo function.])
AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([AC_LANG_PROGRAM([[#include <sys/sysinfo.h>]],
[[struct sysinfo si; return si.mem_unit]])],
[Define to 1 if Linux sysinfo sizes are in multiples of mem_unit bytes.]))
dnl On Solaris 8 there's a compilation warning for term.h because
dnl it doesn't define `bool'.
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(term.h, , , -)
2014-07-10 Dmitry Antipov <>
* files.el (warn-maybe-out-of-memory): New function.
(find-file-noselect): Use it.
2014-07-09 Sam Steingold <>
* progmodes/cperl-mode.el (cperl-block-p): Treat the perl keyword
......@@ -1796,6 +1796,22 @@ OP-TYPE specifies the file operation being performed (for message to user)."
(file-size-human-readable size) op-type))))
(error "Aborted")))
(defun warn-maybe-out-of-memory (size)
"Warn if an attempt to open file of SIZE bytes may run out of memory."
(let ((meminfo (memory-info)))
(when (consp meminfo)
(let ((total-free-memory (+ (nth 1 meminfo) (nth 3 meminfo))))
(when (and (not (zerop size))
(> (/ size 1024) total-free-memory))
"You are trying to open file which size (%s)
exceeds an amount of available free memory (%s). If that
fails, try to open it with `find-file-literally' (but note
that some characters may be displayed incorrectly)."
(file-size-human-readable size)
(* (float total-free-memory) 1024))))))))
(defun find-file-noselect (filename &optional nowarn rawfile wildcards)
"Read file FILENAME into a buffer and return the buffer.
If a buffer exists visiting FILENAME, return that one, but
......@@ -1848,7 +1864,8 @@ the various files."
(setq buf other))))
;; Check to see if the file looks uncommonly large.
(when (not (or buf nowarn))
(abort-if-file-too-large (nth 7 attributes) "open" filename))
(abort-if-file-too-large (nth 7 attributes) "open" filename)
(warn-maybe-out-of-memory (nth 7 attributes)))
(if buf
;; We are using an existing buffer.
(let (nonexistent)
......@@ -9,6 +9,8 @@
(decode_coding_big5, decode_coding_charset, decode_coding)
(encode_coding): Adjust users.
* alloc.c (Fmemory_info): New function.
2014-07-09 Paul Eggert <>
* syntax.c (back_comment): Use more-natural location for label.
......@@ -49,6 +49,10 @@ along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. */
#include <verify.h>
#include <execinfo.h> /* For backtrace. */
#include <sys/sysinfo.h>
#if (defined ENABLE_CHECKING \
&& !defined USE_VALGRIND)
......@@ -6865,7 +6869,33 @@ gc_sweep (void)
check_string_bytes (!noninteractive);
DEFUN ("memory-info", Fmemory_info, Smemory_info, 0, 0, 0,
doc: /* Return a list of (TOTAL-RAM FREE-RAM TOTAL-SWAP FREE-SWAP).
All values are in Kbytes. If there is no swap space, last two
values are zero. If the system is not supported, return nil. */)
struct sysinfo si;
uintmax_t units;
if (sysinfo (&si))
emacs_abort ();
units = si.mem_unit;
units = 1;
return list4i ((uintmax_t) si.totalram * units / 1024,
(uintmax_t) si.freeram * units / 1024,
(uintmax_t) si.totalswap * units / 1024,
(uintmax_t) si.freeswap * units / 1024);
#else /* not HAVE_LINUX_SYSINFO */
/* FIXME: add more systems. */
return Qnil;
/* Debugging aids. */
DEFUN ("memory-limit", Fmemory_limit, Smemory_limit, 0, 0, 0,
......@@ -7204,6 +7234,7 @@ The time is in seconds as a floating point value. */);
defsubr (&Spurecopy);
defsubr (&Sgarbage_collect);
defsubr (&Smemory_limit);
defsubr (&Smemory_info);
defsubr (&Smemory_use_counts);
defsubr (&Ssuspicious_object);
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