Commit 92610620 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fx_family_fonts): Replaces Fx_font_list.

(syms_of_xfaces): Defsubr accordingly.
(lface_from_face_name): Resolve face aliases.
(Qmode_line): Replaces Qmodeline.
(realize_basic_faces): Use Qmode_line.
(syms_of_xfaces): Initialize Qmode_line.
(Qframe_update_face_colors): New.
(syms_of_xfaces): Initialize call.
(update_face_from_frame_parameter): Call that function when
the frame's background changes.
parent 92a90e89
......@@ -278,11 +278,22 @@ Lisp_Object Qunspecified;
Lisp_Object Qx_charset_registry;
/* The name of the function to call when the background of the frame
has changed, frame_update_face_colors. */
Lisp_Object Qframe_update_face_colors;
/* Names of basic faces. */
Lisp_Object Qdefault, Qmodeline, Qtool_bar, Qregion, Qfringe;
Lisp_Object Qdefault, Qmode_line, Qtool_bar, Qregion, Qfringe;
Lisp_Object Qheader_line, Qscroll_bar, Qcursor, Qborder, Qmouse;;
/* The symbol `face-alias'. A symbols having that property is an
alias for another face. Value of the property is the name of
the aliased face. */
Lisp_Object Qface_alias;
/* Names of frame parameters related to faces. */
extern Lisp_Object Qscroll_bar_foreground, Qscroll_bar_background;
......@@ -2274,7 +2285,7 @@ font_list (f, pattern, family, registry_and_encoding, fonts)
/* Remove elements from LIST whose cars are `equal'. Called from
x-font-list and x-font-family-list to remove duplicate font
x-family-fonts and x-font-family-list to remove duplicate font
entries. */
static void
......@@ -2294,7 +2305,7 @@ remove_duplicates (list)
DEFUN ("x-font-list", Fxfont_list, Sx_font_list, 0, 2, 0,
DEFUN ("x-family-fonts", Fx_family_fonts, Sx_family_fonts, 0, 2, 0,
"Return a list of available fonts of family FAMILY on FRAME.\n\
If FAMILY is omitted or nil, list all families.\n\
Otherwise, FAMILY must be a string, possibly containing wildcards\n\
......@@ -2610,9 +2621,11 @@ check_lface (lface)
/* Return the face definition of FACE_NAME on frame F. F null means
return the global definition. FACE_NAME may be a string or a
symbol (apparently Emacs 20.2 allows strings as face names in face
text properties; ediff uses that). If SIGNAL_P is non-zero, signal
an error if FACE_NAME is not a valid face name. If SIGNAL_P is
zero, value is nil if FACE_NAME is not a valid face name. */
text properties; ediff uses that). If FACE_NAME is an alias for
another face, return that face's definition. If SIGNAL_P is
non-zero, signal an error if FACE_NAME is not a valid face name.
If SIGNAL_P is zero, value is nil if FACE_NAME is not a valid face
name. */
static INLINE Lisp_Object
lface_from_face_name (f, face_name, signal_p)
......@@ -2620,11 +2633,17 @@ lface_from_face_name (f, face_name, signal_p)
Lisp_Object face_name;
int signal_p;
Lisp_Object lface;
Lisp_Object lface, alias;
if (STRINGP (face_name))
face_name = intern (XSTRING (face_name)->data);
/* If FACE_NAME is an alias for another face, return the definition
of the aliased face. */
alias = Fget (face_name, Qface_alias);
if (!NILP (alias))
face_name = alias;
if (f)
lface = assq_no_quit (face_name, f->face_alist);
......@@ -3557,7 +3576,7 @@ update_face_from_frame_parameter (f, param, new_value)
/* If there are no faces yet, give up. This is the case when called
from Fx_create_frame, and we do the necessary things later in
face-set-after-frame-defaults. */
face-set-after-frame-defaults. */
if (NILP (f->face_alist))
......@@ -3570,6 +3589,14 @@ update_face_from_frame_parameter (f, param, new_value)
else if (EQ (param, Qbackground_color))
Lisp_Object frame;
/* Changing the background color might change the background
mode, so that we have to load new defface specs. Call
frame-update-face-colors to do that. */
XSETFRAME (frame, f);
call1 (Qframe_update_face_colors, frame);
lface = lface_from_face_name (f, Qdefault, 1);
LFACE_BACKGROUND (lface) = (STRINGP (new_value)
? new_value : Qunspecified);
......@@ -5235,7 +5262,7 @@ realize_basic_faces (f)
if (realize_default_face (f))
realize_named_face (f, Qmodeline, MODE_LINE_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qmode_line, MODE_LINE_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qtool_bar, TOOL_BAR_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qfringe, BITMAP_AREA_FACE_ID);
realize_named_face (f, Qheader_line, HEADER_LINE_FACE_ID);
......@@ -6249,7 +6276,9 @@ syms_of_xfaces ()
staticpro (&Qface);
Qpixmap_spec_p = intern ("pixmap-spec-p");
staticpro (&Qpixmap_spec_p);
Qframe_update_face_colors = intern ("frame-update-face-colors");
staticpro (&Qframe_update_face_colors);
/* Lisp face attribute keywords. */
QCfamily = intern (":family");
staticpro (&QCfamily);
......@@ -6348,10 +6377,12 @@ syms_of_xfaces ()
Qx_charset_registry = intern ("x-charset-registry");
staticpro (&Qx_charset_registry);
Qface_alias = intern ("face-alias");
staticpro (&Qface_alias);
Qdefault = intern ("default");
staticpro (&Qdefault);
Qmodeline = intern ("modeline");
staticpro (&Qmodeline);
Qmode_line = intern ("mode-line");
staticpro (&Qmode_line);
Qtool_bar = intern ("tool-bar");
staticpro (&Qtool_bar);
Qregion = intern ("region");
......@@ -6436,7 +6467,7 @@ scaled if its name matches a regular expression in the list.");
defsubr (&Spixmap_spec_p);
defsubr (&Sx_list_fonts);
defsubr (&Sinternal_face_x_get_resource);
defsubr (&Sx_font_list);
defsubr (&Sx_family_fonts);
defsubr (&Sx_font_family_list);
#endif /* HAVE_X_WINDOWS */
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