Commit 927c7216 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

* lisp.h (duration_to_sec_usec): Remove unused decl.

parent 93044f7b
2012-08-17 Paul Eggert <>
* lisp.h (duration_to_sec_usec): Remove unused decl.
2012-08-17 Alp Aker <>
* nsfont.m (ns_ascii_average_width): Send initWithFormat selector
......@@ -3451,6 +3455,7 @@
has at least microseconds now. All uses removed.
(update_frame, update_single_window, update_window, update_frame_1)
(Fsleep_for, sit_for): Port to higher-resolution time stamps.
(duration_to_sec_usec): Remove; no longer needed.
* editfns.c (time_overflow): Now extern.
(Fcurrent_time, Fget_internal_run_time, make_time, lisp_time_argument)
......@@ -2682,7 +2682,6 @@ _Noreturn void __executable_start (void);
extern Lisp_Object selected_frame;
extern Lisp_Object Vwindow_system;
void duration_to_sec_usec (double, int *, int *);
extern Lisp_Object sit_for (Lisp_Object, int, int);
extern void init_display (void);
extern void syms_of_display (void);
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