Commit 929201ea authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

doc/misc/ Parallel make fix

* doc/misc/ (${buildinfodir}/
(${buildinfodir}/ Ensure output directory exists.
parent 41614825
2014-11-08 Glenn Morris <>
* (${buildinfodir}/
(${buildinfodir}/ Ensure output directory exists.
2014-11-07 Tassilo Horn <>
* gnus.texi (HTML): Update section so that it mentions shr and w3m.
......@@ -176,12 +176,12 @@ $(buildinfodir)/ semantic.dvi semantic.pdf semantic.html: ${srcdir}
## Please can we just rename cc-mode.texi to ccmode.texi...
${buildinfodir}/ ${srcdir}/cc-mode.texi ${gfdl}
${buildinfodir}/ ${srcdir}/cc-mode.texi ${gfdl} | ${buildinfodir}
## efaq, efaq_w32 do not depend on gfdl.
## Maybe we can use .SECONDEXPANSION for this.
${buildinfodir}/ ${srcdir}/efaq%.texi
${buildinfodir}/ ${srcdir}/efaq%.texi | ${buildinfodir}
efaq%.dvi: ${srcdir}/efaq%.texi
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