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% Reference Card for Org Mode 3.20
% Reference Card for Org Mode 3.21
%**start of header
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
% Thanks to Paul Rubin, Bob Chassell, Len Tower, and Richard Mlynarik
% for their many good ideas.
\def\shortcopyrightnotice{\vskip 1ex plus 2 fill
......@@ -313,8 +313,8 @@ \section{Structure Editing}
\key{promote current subtree up one level}{M-S-LEFT}
\key{demote current subtree down one level}{M-S-RIGHT}
\key{move subtree up}{M-S-UP}
\key{move subtree down}{M-S-DOWN}
\key{move subtree/list item up}{M-S-UP}
\key{move subtree/list item down}{M-S-DOWN}
\key{kill subtree}{C-c C-x C-w}
\key{copy subtree}{C-c C-x M-w}
\key{yank subtree}{C-c C-x C-y}
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