Commit 92a0f4b1 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Check for existence of djecho.exe, and print an

error message if it is not available.
parent 02790ce2
......@@ -122,6 +122,19 @@ Goto End
set djgpp_ver=1
If ErrorLevel 20 set djgpp_ver=2
rm -f junk.c junk junk.exe
rem DJECHO is used by the top-level Makefile
Echo Checking whether 'djecho' is available...
redir -o Nul -eo djecho -o junk.$$$ foo
If Exist junk.$$$ Goto djechoOk
Echo To build 'Emacs' you need the 'djecho.exe' program!
Echo 'djecho.exe' is part of '' basic DJGPP development kit.
Echo Versions of DJGPP before 2.02 called this program 'echo.exe'.
Echo Either unpack 'djecho.exe' from the '' archive,
Echo or, if you have 'echo.exe', copy it to 'djecho.exe'.
Echo Then run CONFIG.BAT again with the same arguments you did now.
Goto End
rm -f junk.$$$
Echo Configuring for DJGPP Version %DJGPP_VER% ...
Rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Echo Configuring the source directory...
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