Commit 92d2947b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Comment changes.

parent 62a29071
2004-12-27 Richard M. Stallman <>
* xdisp.c (single_display_spec_string_p): Renamed from
(single_display_spec_intangible_p): Renamed from
(handle_single_display_spec): Renamed from handle_single_display_prop.
Rewritten to be easier to understand.
* Change in load-history format. Functions now get (defun . NAME),
and variables get just NAME.
* data.c (Fdefalias): Use (defun . FN_NAME) in LOADHIST_ATTACH.
* eval.c (Fdefun, Fdefmacro): Use (defun . FN_NAME) in LOADHIST_ATTACH.
(Fdefvaralias, Fdefvar, Fdefconst): Use just SYM in LOADHIST_ATTACH.
(Qdefvar): Var deleted.
(syms_of_eval): Don't initialze it.
* lread.c (syms_of_lread) <load-history>: Doc fix.
2004-12-27 Jan Dj,Ad(Brv <>
* xmenu.c (popup_get_selection): Pop down on C-g.
......@@ -1671,8 +1671,16 @@ extern void defvar_kboard P_ ((char *, int));
#define DEFVAR_LISP_NOPRO(lname, vname, doc) defvar_lisp_nopro (lname, vname)
#define DEFVAR_BOOL(lname, vname, doc) defvar_bool (lname, vname)
#define DEFVAR_INT(lname, vname, doc) defvar_int (lname, vname)
/* TYPE is nil for a general Lisp variable.
An integer specifies a type; then only LIsp values
with that type code are allowed (except that nil is allowed too).
LNAME is the LIsp-level variable name.
VNAME is the name of the buffer slot.
DOC is a dummy where you write the doc string as a comment. */
#define DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER(lname, vname, type, doc) \
defvar_per_buffer (lname, vname, type, 0)
#define DEFVAR_KBOARD(lname, vname, doc) \
defvar_kboard (lname, \
(int)((char *)(&current_kboard->vname) \
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