Commit 92d9ce48 authored by Roland Winkler's avatar Roland Winkler
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(proced-goal-header-re): Renamed from proced-procname-column-regexp.

(proced-goal-column): Renamed from proced-procname-column.
(proced-move-to-goal-column): Renamed from
(proced-header-face, proced-header-regexp): Removed.
(proced-font-lock-keywords): Remove proced-header-face.
(proced-header-alist, proced-sorting-schemes-re): New variables.
(proced): Rename Proced buffer to *Proced*.
(proced-next-line, proced-previous-line): New commands.
(proced-do-mark, proced-do-mark-all, proced-toggle-marks)
(proced-hide-processes): Do not treat first line as special.
(proced-header-space): New function.
(proced-update): Use header-line-format.  Initialize
proced-header-alist and proced-sorting-schemes-re.  Set
proced-goal-column.  Include proced-command in mode-name.
(proced-send-signal): Use header-line-format for *Marked
Processes* buffer.
(proced-sort): Restrict minibuffer completion to applicable
sorting schemes.
(proced-sorting-scheme-p): Use proced-sorting-schemes-re.
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