Commit 92e0fd88 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

; * etc/NEWS: Remove a FIXME. (Bug#31122)

parent c2674216
......@@ -1375,10 +1375,9 @@ gets evaluated after the new mode's hook has run. This can be used to
incorporate configuration changes made in the mode hook into the
mode's setup.
** Autoload files can be generated without timestamps,
by setting 'autoload-timestamps' to nil.
FIXME As an experiment, nil is the current default.
If no insurmountable problems before next release, it can stay that way.
** Autoload files are now generated without timestamps.
Set 'autoload-timestamps' to a non-nil value to get timestamps in
autoload files.
** 'gnutls-boot' now takes a parameter ':complete-negotiation' that
says that negotiation should complete even on non-blocking sockets.
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