Commit 92e2441b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x_display_bar_cursor): Use frame's cursor_width.

(x_connection_signal): New function.
(x_initialize): Use it as signal handler.
parent c3211206
......@@ -4127,7 +4127,8 @@ x_display_bar_cursor (f, on)
CHAR_TO_PIXEL_COL (f, curs_x),
CHAR_TO_PIXEL_ROW (f, curs_y),
1, f->display.x->line_height);
max (f->display.x->cursor_width, 1),
f->phys_cursor_x = curs_x;
f->phys_cursor_y = curs_y;
......@@ -4404,6 +4405,18 @@ x_connection_closed (display, error_message)
error ("%s", error_message);
static SIGTYPE
x_connection_signal (signalnum) /* If we don't have an argument, */
int signalnum; /* some compilers complain in signal calls. */
/* We really ought to close the connection to the display
that actually failed.
But do we actually get this signal ever with X11? */
fprintf (stderr, "X connection closed");
shut_down_emacs (0, 0, Qnil);
exit (70);
/* This is the usual handler for X protocol errors.
It kills all frames on the display that we got the error for.
If that was the only one, it prints an error message and kills Emacs. */
......@@ -5836,7 +5849,7 @@ x_initialize ()
#endif /* ! defined (SIGWINCH) */
signal (SIGPIPE, x_connection_closed);
signal (SIGPIPE, x_connection_signal);
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