Commit 92ef96ee authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam): Move here from rmail.el.

parent e73521d0
......@@ -351,6 +351,30 @@ it from rmail file. Called for each new message retrieved by
(setq return-value t)))
(defun rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam (nnew)
"Check the most NNEW recent messages for spam."
(let* ((nold (- rmail-total-messages nnew))
(nspam 0)
(nscan (1+ nold)))
(while (<= nscan rmail-total-messages)
(or (rmail-spam-filter nscan)
(setq nspam (1+ nspam)))
(setq nscan (1+ nscan)))
(when (> nspam 0)
;; Otherwise the expunge prompt leaves the raw mbox buffer showing.
(rmail-show-message (rmail-first-unseen-message) 1)
(if (rmail-expunge-confirmed) (rmail-only-expunge t))
;; Swap back, else get-new-mail-1 gets confused.
;; Return a message based on the number of spam messages found.
((zerop nspam) "")
((= 1 nnew) ", and it appears to be spam")
((= nspam nnew) ", and all appear to be spam")
(t (format ", and %d appear%s to be spam" nspam
(if (= 1 nspam) "s" ""))))))
;; define functions for interactively adding sender/subject of a
;; specific message to the spam definitions while reading it, using
;; the menubar:
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