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2005-11-10 Kim F. Storm <>
* emacs.texi (Top): Add CUA Bindings entry to menu.
* killing.texi (CUA Bindings): New node. Moved here from
misc.texi and extended with info on rectangle commands and
rectangle highlighting, interface to registers, and the global
mark feature.
* misc.texi (Emulation): Move CUA bindings item to killing.texi.
* regs.texi: Prev link points to CUA Bindings node.
2005-11-07 Luc Teirlinck <>
* help.texi (Help Echo): By default, help echos are only shown on
2005-11-10 Kim F. Storm <>
* alloc.c (valid_lisp_object_p): New function to validate that
an object is really a valid Lisp_Object.
* lisp.h (valid_lisp_object_p): Add prototype.
* print.c (safe_debug_print): New function to be called from gdb
to print Lisp objects; use valid_lisp_object_p to avoid crashing
if user tries to print something which is not a Lisp object.
* .gdbinit (pp, pp1): Use safe_debug_print.
(pv, pv1): New commands to print value of a lisp variable.
2005-11-10 Nick Roberts <>
* .gdbinit (pp1): New user-defined function.
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