Commit 9340a58f authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì

In the Etags manual, when comparing the regular expression syntax to

that of Emacs, remove the references to the interval operator, which is
now part of Emacs as well as Etags, and add references to greedy
operators and shy groups, which are now part of Emacs, but not of Etags.
parent 49b83be9
......@@ -474,12 +474,9 @@ expressions, @samp{\} quotes the next character, and @samp{\t} stands
for the tab character. Note that @code{etags} does not handle the other
C escape sequences for special characters.
@cindex interval operator (in regexps)
The syntax of regular expressions in @code{etags} is the same as in
Emacs, augmented with the @dfn{interval operator}, which works as in
@code{grep} and @code{ed}. The syntax of an interval operator is
@samp{\@{@var{m},@var{n}\@}}, and its meaning is to match the preceding
expression at least @var{m} times and up to @var{n} times.
Emacs. However, non-greedy operators and shy groups are not
You should not match more characters with @var{tagregexp} than that
needed to recognize what you want to tag. If the match is such that
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