Commit 934b3c9e authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert


* src/xdisp.c (COERCE_MARKER): Remove.  All uses replaced by
Fmarker_position; this is simpler as the macro was invoked only on
parent fe6b8c91
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......@@ -815,11 +815,6 @@ static struct props it_props[] =
{0, 0, NULL}
/* Value is the position described by X. If X is a marker, value is
the marker_position of X. Otherwise, value is X. */
#define COERCE_MARKER(X) (MARKERP ((X)) ? Fmarker_position (X) : (X))
/* Enumeration returned by some move_it_.* functions internally. */
enum move_it_result
......@@ -14944,7 +14939,7 @@ overlay_arrows_changed_p (bool set_redisplay)
val = find_symbol_value (var);
if (!MARKERP (val))
if (! EQ (COERCE_MARKER (val),
if (! EQ (Fmarker_position (val),
/* FIXME: Don't we have a problem, using such a global
* "last-position" if the variable is buffer-local? */
Fget (var, Qlast_arrow_position))
......@@ -14987,8 +14982,7 @@ update_overlay_arrows (int up_to_date)
Lisp_Object val = find_symbol_value (var);
if (!MARKERP (val))
Fput (var, Qlast_arrow_position,
Fput (var, Qlast_arrow_position, Fmarker_position (val));
Fput (var, Qlast_arrow_string,
overlay_arrow_string_or_property (var));
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