Commit 934dd726 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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Fix typo in comment.

parent acfb077d
......@@ -1136,7 +1136,7 @@ the sequence."
(string-as-unibyte (encode-coding-string str 'iso-latin-1)))
;; Encode STR for a font specified by FONT-SPEC and return the result.
;; If necessary, it's generated the Postscript code for the font and glyphs to
;; If necessary, it generates the PostScript code for the font and glyphs to
;; print STR. If optional 4th arg HEADER-P is non-nil, it is assumed that STR
;; is for headers.
(defun ps-mule-string-encoding (font-spec str &optional no-setfont header-p)
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