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Document byte-debug-flag.

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......@@ -396,6 +396,15 @@ Once you discover the corrupted Lisp object or data structure, it is
useful to look at it in a fresh Emacs session and compare its contents
with a session that you are debugging.
** Debugging problems with non-ASCII characters
If you experience problems which seem to be related to non-ASCII
characters, such as \201 characters appearing in the buffer or in your
files, set the variable byte-debug-flag to t. This causes Emacs to do
some extra checks, such as look for broken relations between byte and
character positions in buffers and strings; the resulting diagnostics
might pinpoint the cause of the problem.
** Some suggestions for debugging on MS Windows:
(written by Marc Fleischeuers, Geoff Voelker and Andrew Innes)
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