Commit 937031a5 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Remove duplicate macros from ses.el

* lisp/ses.el (1value, noreturn): Macros deleted, as we
nowadays have them in subr.el.  (Bug#38514)
parent 48f68885
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......@@ -671,17 +671,6 @@ variables `minrow', `maxrow', `mincol', and `maxcol'."
(let ((col (+ ,c mincol)))
;;Support for coverage testing.
(defmacro 1value (form)
"For code-coverage testing, indicate that FORM is expected to always have
the same value."
(declare (debug t))
(defmacro noreturn (form)
"For code-coverage testing, indicate that FORM will always signal an error."
(declare (debug t))
;; Utility functions
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