Commit 93890698 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(quail-input-string-to-events): Use

keyboard-translate-table, not translation-table-for-input.
parent 0ea0b6d2
......@@ -1279,9 +1279,11 @@ Do so while interleaving with the following special events:
(let* ((events (mapcar
(lambda (c)
;; This gives us the chance to unify on input
;; (e.g. using ucs-tables.el).
(or (and translation-table-for-input
(aref translation-table-for-input c))
;; (e.g. using ucs-tables.el). Fixme: The result
;; of Quail input doesn't currently go through
;; `keyboard-translate-table'.
(or (and (char-table-p keyboard-translate-table)
(aref keyboard-translate-table c))
(len (length str))
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