Commit 93c2fa46 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* doc/lispref/text.texi (Change Hooks): Fix typo.

parent c9bcc580
2013-02-19 Glenn Morris <>
* text.texi (Change Hooks): Fix typo.
2013-02-14 Glenn Morris <>
* modes.texi (Basic Major Modes): 'z' no longer bound in special-mode.
......@@ -4344,7 +4344,7 @@ This variable holds a list of functions to call after any buffer
modification. Each function receives three arguments: the beginning
and end of the region just changed, and the length of the text that
existed before the change. All three arguments are integers. The
buffer has been changed is always the current buffer.
buffer that has been changed is always the current buffer.
The length of the old text is the difference between the buffer
positions before and after that text as it was before the change. As
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