Commit 93cf902a authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(struct glyph_string): Change type of `font' to

`struct font *'.
(struct glyph_string): New member underline_position and
(enum lface_attribute_index): Remove LFACE_AVGWIDTH_INDEX.
(struct face): Change type of `font' to `struct font *'.  Remove
members `font_name', `font_info_id'.
(per_char_metric, encode_char): Delete externs.
(calc_pixel_width_or_height): Adjust the prototype.
parent dd5e1ed4
......@@ -1161,10 +1161,7 @@ struct glyph_string
struct face *face;
/* Font in which this string is to be drawn. */
XFontStruct *font;
/* Font info for this string. */
struct font_info *font_info;
struct font *font;
/* Non-null means this string describes (part of) a composition.
All characters from char2b are drawn composed. */
......@@ -1243,6 +1240,10 @@ struct glyph_string
/* Number of clipping areas. */
int num_clips;
int underline_position;
int underline_thickness;
struct glyph_string *next, *prev;
......@@ -1413,7 +1414,6 @@ enum lface_attribute_index
......@@ -1456,12 +1456,6 @@ struct face
drawing the characters in this face. */
GC gc;
/* Font used for this face, or null if the font could not be loaded
for some reason. This points to a `font' slot of a struct
font_info, and we should not call XFreeFont on it because the
font may still be used somewhere else. */
XFontStruct *font;
/* Background stipple or bitmap used for this face. This is
an id as returned from load_pixmap. */
int stipple;
......@@ -1489,17 +1483,7 @@ struct face
unsigned long strike_through_color;
unsigned long box_color;
/* The font's name. This points to a `name' of a font_info, and it
must not be freed. */
char *font_name;
/* Font info ID for this face's font. An ID is stored here because
pointers to font_info structures may change. The reason is that
they are pointers into a font table vector that is itself
reallocated. */
int font_info_id;
struct font_info *font_info;
struct font *font;
/* Fontset ID if for this face's fontset. Non-ASCII faces derived
from the same ASCII face have the same fontset. */
......@@ -2351,19 +2335,6 @@ struct redisplay_interface
int h, int wd));
void (*destroy_fringe_bitmap) P_ ((int which));
/* Get metrics of character CHAR2B in FONT of type FONT_TYPE.
Value is null if CHAR2B is not contained in the font. */
XCharStruct * (*per_char_metric) P_ ((XFontStruct *font, XChar2b *char2b,
int font_type));
/* Encode CHAR2B using encoding information from FONT_INFO. CHAR2B is
the two-byte form of C. Encoding is returned in *CHAR2B. If
TWO_BYTE_P is non-null, return non-zero there if font is two-byte. */
int (*encode_char) P_ ((int c, XChar2b *char2b,
struct font_info *font_into,
struct charset *charset,
int *two_byte_p));
/* Compute left and right overhang of glyph string S.
A NULL pointer if platform does not support this. */
void (*compute_glyph_string_overhangs) P_ ((struct glyph_string *s));
......@@ -2737,7 +2708,7 @@ extern int unibyte_display_via_language_environment;
extern void reseat_at_previous_visible_line_start P_ ((struct it *));
extern int calc_pixel_width_or_height P_ ((double *, struct it *, Lisp_Object,
/* XFontStruct */ void *, int, int *));
struct font *, int, int *));
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