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......@@ -486,6 +486,18 @@ frames on your terminal.
Delete all frames except the selected one.
@end table
@vindex focus-follows-mouse
To make the command @kbd{C-x 5 o} work properly, you must tell Emacs
how the system (or the window manager) generally handles
focus-switching between windows. There are two possibilities: either
simply moving the mouse onto a window selects it (gives it focus), or
you have to click on it in a suitable way to do so. Unfortunately
there is no way Emacs can find out automatically which way the system
handles this, so you have to explicitly say, by setting the variable
@code{focus-follows-mouse}. If just moving the mouse onto a window
selects it, that variable should be @code{t}; if a click is necessary,
the variable should be @code{nil}.
@node Speedbar
@section Making and Using a Speedbar Frame
@cindex speedbar
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