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* commands.texi (Reading One Event): Explain idleness in

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......@@ -2229,6 +2229,15 @@ number of seconds; on these systems, @var{seconds} is rounded down.
If @var{seconds} is @code{nil}, @code{read-event} waits as long as
necessary for input to arrive.
If @var{seconds} is @code{nil}, Emacs is considered idle while waiting
for user input to arrive. Idle timers---those created with
@code{run-with-idle-timer} (@pxref{Timers})---can run during this
period. However, if @var{seconds} is non-@code{nil}, the state of
idleness remains unchanged. If Emacs is non-idle when
@code{read-event} is called, it remains non-idle throughout the
operation of @code{read-event}; if Emacs is idle (which can happen if
the call happens inside an idle timer), it remains idle.
If @code{read-event} gets an event that is defined as a help character,
then in some cases @code{read-event} processes the event directly without
returning. @xref{Help Functions}. Certain other events, called
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