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......@@ -754,15 +754,19 @@ menu bar.
@section Tool Bars
@cindex Tool Bar mode
@cindex mode, Tool Bar
@cindex icons, tool bar
You can turn display of tool bars on or off with @kbd{M-x tool-bar-mode}
analogously to @code{menu-bar-mode}. @xref{Menu Bars}. This will only
work in an Emacs built with appropriate image support to display the
available tool bar icons.
There is a global tool bar with some useful items and various modes may
define their own tool bars. More could be added if suitable icons are
work in an Emacs with appropriate image support for the available icons
on a graphic display. By default, monochrome (PBM or XBM format) icons
are used. XPM format icons, which normally look better, will normally
be used if Emacs was built with XPM support.
There is a global tool bar with useful items and some modes define their
own tool bars to replace it.@footnote{We could provide more if suitable
icons are contributed.} Some items are removed from the global bar in
`special' modes not designed for editing text.
@node Dialog Boxes
@section Using Dialog Boxes
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