Commit 943e065b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(init_buffer_once, syms_of_buffer):

Set up buffer-local var point_before_scroll.
(reset_buffer): Init point_before_scroll.
parent 58f950b4
......@@ -423,6 +423,7 @@ reset_buffer (b)
b->overlays_after = Qnil;
XSETFASTINT (b->overlay_center, 1);
b->mark_active = Qnil;
b->point_before_scroll = Qnil;
/* Reset buffer B's local variables info.
......@@ -2714,6 +2715,7 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.mode_name, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.undo_list, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.mark_active, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.point_before_scroll, -1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.mode_line_format, 1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.abbrev_mode, 2);
......@@ -3223,6 +3225,9 @@ maintained internally by the Emacs primitives. Enabling or disabling\n\
the cache should not affect the behavior of any of the motion\n\
functions; it should only affect their performance.");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("point-before-scroll", &current_buffer->point_before_scroll, Qnil,
"Value of point before the last series of scroll operations, or nil.");
DEFVAR_LISP ("transient-mark-mode", &Vtransient_mark_mode,
"*Non-nil means deactivate the mark when the buffer contents change.");
Vtransient_mark_mode = Qnil;
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