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2001-10-17 Miles Bader <>
* make-docfile.c (put_char): New function.
(read_c_string_or_comment): Strip trailing spaces and newlines.
2001-10-16 Miles Bader <>
* make-docfile.c (scan_c_file): Handle `new style' doc strings in
2001-10-17 Miles Bader <>
* lisp.h (DEFUN): Remove `DOC_STRINGS_IN_COMMENTS' case.
* xmenu.c, xdisp.c, term.c, dispnew.c, abbrev.c, editfns.c, buffer.c
* xfns.c, alloc.c, minibuf.c, xterm.c, xfaces.c:
Change doc-string comments to `new style' [w/`doc:' keyword].
* minibuf.c: Remove old commented-out-DEFUN that was used to fake
out make-docfile.
2001-10-16 Miles Bader <>
* fns.c: Change doc-string comments to `new style' [w/`doc:' keyword].
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