Commit 947cd66b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/simple.el (mark-whole-buffer): Doc fix. (Bug#10023)

parent 447f30f6
2011-11-15 Glenn Morris <>
* simple.el (mark-whole-buffer): Doc fix. (Bug#10023)
* mail/rmailout.el (rmail-output-to-rmail-buffer):
Handle empty buffers. (Bug#9978)
......@@ -878,6 +878,7 @@ KILLFLAG is set if N was explicitly specified."
(defun mark-whole-buffer ()
"Put point at beginning and mark at end of buffer.
If narrowing is in effect, only uses the accessible part of the buffer.
You probably should not use this function in Lisp programs;
it is usually a mistake for a Lisp function to use any subroutine
that uses or sets the mark."
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