Commit 947eecfb authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(xfont_open): Adjust it for the change of

font_make_object.  Don't check Vvertical_centering_font_regexp
parent 51c13510
......@@ -564,13 +564,11 @@ xfont_open (f, entity, pixel_size)
if (! xfont)
return Qnil;
font_object = font_make_object (VECSIZE (struct xfont_info));
font_object = font_make_object (VECSIZE (struct xfont_info),
entity, pixel_size);
ASET (font_object, FONT_TYPE_INDEX, Qx);
if (STRINGP (fullname))
font_parse_xlfd ((char *) SDATA (fullname), font_object);
for (i = 1; i < FONT_ENTITY_MAX; i++)
ASET (font_object, i, AREF (entity, i));
ASET (font_object, FONT_SIZE_INDEX, make_number (pixel_size));
if (STRINGP (fullname))
ASET (font_object, FONT_NAME_INDEX, fullname);
......@@ -650,10 +648,7 @@ xfont_open (f, entity, pixel_size)
if (NILP (fullname))
fullname = AREF (font_object, FONT_NAME_INDEX);
= (STRINGP (Vvertical_centering_font_regexp)
&& (fast_string_match_ignore_case
(Vvertical_centering_font_regexp, fullname) >= 0));
font->vertical_centering = 0;
return font_object;
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