Commit 94ab176a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/erc/erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Silence compiler warning.

(erc-format-@nick, erc-update-modes): Idem.
parent cb325041
2014-10-04 Stefan Monnier <>
* erc.el (erc-channel-receive-names): Silence compiler warning.
(erc-format-@nick, erc-update-modes): Idem.
2014-10-03 Kelvin White <>
* erc.el (erc-rename-buffers): Use defcustom instead of defvar for
......@@ -4246,7 +4246,7 @@ See also `erc-format-nick-function'."
(erc-propertize "+" 'help-echo "voice"))
(t ""))))
(defun erc-format-@nick (&optional user channel-data)
(defun erc-format-@nick (&optional user _channel-data)
"Format the nickname of USER showing if USER has a voice, is an
operator, half-op, admin or owner. Owners have \"~\", admins have
\"&\", operators have \"@\" and users with voice have \"+\" as a
......@@ -4770,22 +4770,24 @@ channel."
(hop-ch (cdr (assq ?h prefix)))
(adm-ch (cdr (assq ?a prefix)))
(own-ch (cdr (assq ?q prefix)))
names name op voice halfop admin owner)
(setq names (delete "" (split-string names-string)))
(names (delete "" (split-string names-string)))
name op voice halfop admin owner)
(let ((erc-channel-members-changed-hook nil))
(dolist (item names)
(let ((updatep t))
(let ((updatep t)
(ch (aref item 0)))
(setq name item op 'off voice 'off halfop 'off admin 'off owner 'off)
(if (rassq (elt item 0) prefix)
(if (rassq ch prefix)
(if (= (length item) 1)
(setq updatep nil)
(setq name (substring item 1))
(setf (pcase (aref item 0)
(setf (pcase ch
((pred (eq voice-ch)) voice)
((pred (eq hop-ch)) halfop)
((pred (eq op-ch)) op)
((pred (eq adm-ch)) admin)
((pred (eq own-ch)) owner))
((pred (eq own-ch)) owner)
(_ (error "Unknown prefix char `%S'" ch) voice))
(when updatep
(puthash (erc-downcase name) t
......@@ -5086,7 +5088,7 @@ arg-modes is a list of triples of the form:
(list add-modes remove-modes arg-modes))
(defun erc-update-modes (tgt mode-string &optional nick host login)
(defun erc-update-modes (tgt mode-string &optional _nick _host _login)
"Update the mode information for TGT, provided as MODE-STRING.
Optional arguments: NICK, HOST and LOGIN - the attributes of the
person who changed the modes."
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