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A bit more talk about an API change in CC Mode.

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......@@ -1094,11 +1094,25 @@ per-mode basis through c-require-final-newline. The default is to set
it to t only in languages that mandate a final newline in source files
(C, C++ and Objective-C).
*** Slight API change for the syntactic context used by lineup functions.
The syntactic context stored in c-syntactic-context has been changed
to allow more information. This might affect custom lineup functions,
but only if they use that variable directly. See its docstring for
more details.
*** Format change for syntactic context elements.
The elements in the syntactic context returned by c-guess-basic-syntax
and stored in c-syntactic-context has been changed somewhat to allow
attaching more information. They are now lists instead of single cons
cells. E.g. a line that previously had the syntactic analysis
((inclass . 11) (topmost-intro . 13))
is now analysed as
((inclass 11) (topmost-intro 13))
In some cases there are more than one position given for a syntactic
This change might affect code that call c-guess-basic-syntax directly,
and custom lineup functions if they use c-syntactic-context. However,
the argument given to lineup functions is still a single cons cell
with nil or an integer in the cdr.
*** API changes for derived modes.
There have been extensive changes "under the hood" which can affect
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