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Document that :width/:height in XBM images are peculiar

* doc/lispref/display.texi (XBM Images): Note the peculiarities of
:width/:height in XBM images (bug#39735).
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......@@ -5572,6 +5572,15 @@ The value, @var{width}, specifies the width of the image, in pixels.
@item :height @var{height}
The value, @var{height}, specifies the height of the image, in pixels.
Note that @code{:width} and @code{:height} can only be used if passing
in data that doesn't specify the width and height (e.g., a string or a
vector containing the bits of the image). @acronym{XBM} files usually
specify this themselves, and it's an error to use these two properties
on these files. Also note that @code{:width} and @code{:height} are
used by most other image formats to specify what the displayed image
is supposed to be, which usually means performing some sort of
scaling. This isn't supported for @acronym{XBM} images.
@item :stride @var{stride}
The number of bool vector entries stored for each row; the smallest
multiple of 8 greater than or equal to @var{width}.
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