Commit 94e16dd5 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(window_split_tree): New function.

(Fwindow_split_tree): New defun.
(syms_of_window): Defsubr it.
parent 222a6c9b
......@@ -6225,6 +6225,85 @@ usage: (save-window-excursion BODY ...) */)
return unbind_to (count, val);
Window Split Tree
static Lisp_Object
window_split_tree (w)
struct window *w;
Lisp_Object tail = Qnil;
Lisp_Object result = Qnil;
while (w)
Lisp_Object wn;
if (!NILP (w->hchild))
wn = Fcons (Qnil, Fcons (Fwindow_edges (wn),
window_split_tree (XWINDOW (w->hchild))));
else if (!NILP (w->vchild))
wn = Fcons (Qt, Fcons (Fwindow_edges (wn),
window_split_tree (XWINDOW (w->vchild))));
if (NILP (result))
result = tail = Fcons (wn, Qnil);
XSETCDR (tail, Fcons (wn, Qnil));
tail = XCDR (tail);
w = NILP (w->next) ? 0 : XWINDOW (w->next);
return result;
DEFUN ("window-split-tree", Fwindow_split_tree, Swindow_split_tree,
0, 1, 0,
doc: /* Return the window split tree for frame FRAME.
The return value is a list of the form (ROOT MINI), where ROOT
represents the window split tree of the frame's root window, and MINI
is the frame's minibuffer window.
If the root window is not split, ROOT is the root window itself.
Otherwise, ROOT is a list (DIR EDGES W1 W2 ...) where DIR is nil for a
horisontal split, and t for a vertical split, EDGES gives the combined
size and position of the subwindows in the split, and the rest of the
elements are the subwindows in the split. Each of the subwindows may
again be a window or a list representing a window split, and so on.
EDGES is a list \(LEFT TOP RIGHT BOTTOM) as returned by `window-edges'.
If FRAME is nil or omitted, return information on the currently
selected frame. */)
Lisp_Object frame;
Lisp_Object alist;
if (NILP (frame))
frame = selected_frame;
CHECK_FRAME (frame);
f = XFRAME (frame);
if (!FRAME_LIVE_P (f))
return Qnil;
return window_split_tree (XWINDOW (FRAME_ROOT_WINDOW (f)));
Marginal Areas
......@@ -7031,6 +7110,7 @@ The selected frame is the one whose configuration has changed. */);
defsubr (&Sset_window_configuration);
defsubr (&Scurrent_window_configuration);
defsubr (&Ssave_window_excursion);
defsubr (&Swindow_split_tree);
defsubr (&Sset_window_margins);
defsubr (&Swindow_margins);
defsubr (&Sset_window_fringes);
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