Commit 94f3db62 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fsend_string_to_terminal): Use size_byte.

parent 25638b07
......@@ -2249,12 +2249,13 @@ Control characters in STRING will have terminal-dependent effects.")
Lisp_Object string;
/* ??? Perhaps we should do something special for multibyte strings here. */
CHECK_STRING (string, 0);
fwrite (XSTRING (string)->data, 1, XSTRING (string)->size, stdout);
fwrite (XSTRING (string)->data, 1, XSTRING (string)->size_byte, stdout);
fflush (stdout);
if (termscript)
fwrite (XSTRING (string)->data, 1, XSTRING (string)->size, termscript);
fwrite (XSTRING (string)->data, 1, XSTRING (string)->size_byte, termscript);
fflush (termscript);
return Qnil;
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