Commit 952cb084 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Update international/mule-util.el section.

parent c721eee5
2004-12-06 Kenichi Handa <>
* ldefs-boot.el: Update international/mule-util.el section.
2004-12-05 Sam Steingold <>
* net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-file-accessible-directory-p): Fixed
......@@ -15449,11 +15449,11 @@ system which uses fontsets).
;;;### (autoloads (char-displayable-p detect-coding-with-language-environment
;;;;;; detect-coding-with-priority coding-system-equal coding-system-translation-table-for-encode
;;;;;; detect-coding-with-priority coding-system-translation-table-for-encode
;;;;;; coding-system-translation-table-for-decode coding-system-pre-write-conversion
;;;;;; coding-system-post-read-conversion lookup-nested-alist set-nested-alist
;;;;;; truncate-string-to-width store-substring string-to-sequence)
;;;;;; "mule-util" "international/mule-util.el" (16211 37839))
;;;;;; "mule-util" "international/mule-util.el" (16747 27100))
;;; Generated autoloads from international/mule-util.el
(autoload (quote string-to-sequence) "mule-util" "\
......@@ -15560,13 +15560,6 @@ Return the value of CODING-SYSTEM's `translation-table-for-encode' property.
\(fn CODING-SYSTEM)" nil nil)
(autoload (quote coding-system-equal) "mule-util" "\
Return t if and only if CODING-SYSTEM-1 and CODING-SYSTEM-2 are identical.
Two coding systems are identical if two symbols are equal
or one is an alias of the other.
(autoload (quote detect-coding-with-priority) "mule-util" "\
Detect a coding system of the text between FROM and TO with PRIORITY-LIST.
PRIORITY-LIST is an alist of coding categories vs the corresponding
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