Commit 9533ed8d authored by Tassilo Horn's avatar Tassilo Horn

Use string> instead of equiv lambda with string<

* lisp/help.el (view-emacs-news): Use string> instead of equivalent
lambda with string<.
parent b0eb6682
......@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ With argument, display info only for the selected version."
(cons "NEWS"
(directory-files data-directory nil
"^NEWS\\.[0-9][-0-9]*$" nil)))
(sort (delete-dups res) (lambda (a b) (string< b a)))))
(sort (delete-dups res) #'string>)))
(current (car all-versions)))
(setq version (completing-read
(format "Read NEWS for the version (default %s): " current)
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